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The "Focus" Family Virtual Studios

SoftLab-NSK Ltd. presents the "Focus" family 3D graphics studios. The main distinctive feature of the family is scalability from low-budget studios to HDTV solutions.

"Focus" systems allow you to organize a wide range of television programs and other video production possessing the quality of the world's leading TV companies.

  • A full-fledged real-time synthesizing 3D graphics system based on a personal computer;
  • Automatic or interactive control with the ability to integrate with video servers, titling and other external equipment to perform operation by a common scenario.

The Features of "Focus" Virtual Studios:

  • Unique chromakey comparable in quality to Ultimatte;
  • Support for various analog and digital formats: PAL, NTSC, Y/C, YUV, RGB, SDI, HD SDI;
  • Functional compatibility and integrability with the most up-to-date professional video equipment;
  • Unique technology of "Virtual Cameras" not requiring special sensors for controlling the focal distance and attitude;
  • Limitless possibilities of creating special effects of every sort and kind;
  • Animated virtual characters embedded in the live shooting process;
  • Interactive real-time 3D-graphics broadcast design;

"Focus" virtual studios - shooting without the necessity to build real scenery, minimum shooting personnel and television equipment, simplified as much as possible user interface for the real-time operators.

"Focus" breaks the barriers of high price and complexity of workflow to create new opportunities in using virtual studios in television production.