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Forward T - Video and Audio Input/Output, Nonlinear Editing

The universal system "Forward T" is distinguished with its multifunctionality. It is applied in various fields: nonlinear editing, preparing video, audio, and graphics materials. The professional performance at a moderate price opens a wide range of possible applications in medium-sized studios as well as in large TV companies.

Forward T products comparison

"Forward T" includes an FD300 board (a cable for connecting video and audio signals and the software are supplied in the delivery set).

The Main Characteristic Features of the System

  • input/output of video in all standards: CVBS, Y/C, YUV, YUVS, RGB, RGBS, SDI (optionally).
  • Multiformatness supported by the codecs Video for Windows. The delivery set includes the following real-time codecs: DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50, M-JPEG, MPEG2 I-frame.
  • Optimized software for digitizing video and audio data:
    - input by the schedule;
    - controlling the videorecorder via RS422.
  • The DDClip program (Forward AV Studio) - a multitrack audio and video editor designed to edit video and audio data on line, soundtrack video clips, create audio projects, synchronize audio and video, music and voice.
  • The DDTitle program (FrwTitle) - allows quickly and effectively creating original titles via the style collections, quickly and effectively overlaying titles (text) on the existent image. Using the style collections and the program high-trigger reaction to your actions allow creating and editing image in real time.
  • Programs for creating title design included in the other products of the product line (in particular, Forward TT).
  • The Video for Windows driver and the DirectShow Capture Source module (installed optionally) for the standard video capture programs (e.g., VirtualDub and Windows Media Encoder).
  • The DirectShow Renderer module for playing video (e.g., via ZoomPlayer).

The additional plugins for Forward T are offered as program options. All available plugins are shown in "Forward plugins" Section.

System Requirements for Forward T

Operating System: Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2 (important: Windows 9x/ME are not supported)

Pentium IV - 2.4 GHz 512 MB 1 Gbps

The Software and Documentation

The same software package is provided for all the products of the Forward T product line. It is available in the "Download" Section. The documenation is available in the "Documentation" Section.