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Forward TK - Rear Projection of Professional Quality

Forward TK - system combining the abilities of professional-quality rear projection, video and audio input/output, and nonlinear editing (includes the "Forward T" product and KeyConfigure software for configuring and performing rear projection).

Forward T products comparison

This product is designed for high-quality rear projection of the actor against a single-color background (e.g., blue or green). It is possible to configure two cameras on one and the same board and switch between them on-the-fly. A background for the actor may be:

  •  "Live" video from the other input of the FD300 board
  •  Virtual scenery: a picture, AVI or MPEG file

It is also possible to output a color-corrected actor image with transparency mask for external mixing.

Setting the chromakey parameters includes the following steps:

  1. Selecting a camera (video source)
  2. Positioning the camera against a green or black background
  3. Setting the background illumination
  4. Calculating the chromakey data array

Forward TK includes all the suite for nonlinear editing and programs that allow configuring the chromakey (rear projection) parameters. There are two such programs - FDKeyConfig and FDKeyConfig Pro differing only in the way of configuring the chromakey.

 There is a special offer for the Forward T, Forward TA, Forward TP users: adding the chromakey ability to the software they have. For more specific information, please contact Support.

Also additional plugins are offered as program options. All available plugins are shown in "Forward plugins" Section.

System Requirements for Forward TK

Operating System: Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2 (important: Windows 9x/ME are not supported)

Pentium IV - 2.4 GHz 512 MB 1 Gbps

The Software and Documentation

The same software package is provided for all the products of the Forward T product line. It is available in the "Download". The documenation is available in the "Documentation" Section.