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Forward TA and TA2 - Broadcast Automation

Forward TA - multifunctional system of broadcast automation successfully combining the best of both worlds: on-air broadcast control and automatically broadcasting by the schedule.

Forward T products comparison

The system includes the "Forward T" product and the broadcast automation software FDOnAir, which supports:

  • Displaying external video and captions
  • Playing animation and audio files
  • Overlaying logotype, crawl line, clock, and other multilayer animated titles (includes the "Forward TT" product functionality with the ability of playing audio from files)

The professional performance at a moderate price opens a wide range of possible applications in medium-sized studios as well as in large TV companies.

Main window of FDOnAir software - click here to enlarge

Forward TA2 is a similar product but still allowing to use of two inputs of the FD300 board for picture-in-picture (PiP) function.

The main characteristic features of the system which are the basis of its multifunctionality and universality:

  • Broadcasting from the same schedule:
    - live video,
    - video files,
    - overlaying CG with alpha channel (logotypes, titles, clips).
  • Multiformatness (compatibility with the formats/boards):
    - DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50 (Canopus, Matrox, .),
    - MPEG2 I-frame (Matrox),
    - MPEG2 (video or video+audio),
    - M-JPEG (Forward, including with a transparency channel),
    - Microsoft JPEG (Matrox),
    - Audio to video from a separate file (.AVI + .WAV).
  • Supporting two schedules («programme dummy» - «commercial dummy», «broadcast» - «preparation», «working schedule» - «reserve schedule»).
  • Interactively changing the schedule «at the last minute».
  • Flexibly starting blocks in the schedule (by the operator's command, by time, by GPI).
  • Hierarchical structure of the schedule.
  • Locally and/or remotely preparing the broadcast schedule.
  • Logging the on-air video data and overlays.

The Auto Detect plugin for automatically inserting commercials by the cue tone (DTMF, jingles), video fragments or using "23 line" technology is offered as an additional program option. All available plugins are shown in "Forward plugins" Section.

System Requirements for Forward TA

Operating System: Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2 (important: Windows 9x/ME are not supported)

Pentium IV - 3.0 Ghz (HT) 1024 MB 1 Gbps

The Software and Documentation

The same software package is provided for all the products of the "Forward T" product line. It is available in the "Download" Section. The Documenation is available in the "Documentation" Section.