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Forward TP and TP2 - Retransmitted Signal Delay Server

Forward TP - retransmitted signal delay server including the broadcast automation system "Forward TA". In addition to its functions, the video server is able (simultaneously with broadcasting on air) to receive data from video and audio sources and other remote video data storages and delay them for several hours and even days before rebroadcasting them on air in an arbitrary order of the data sequence. The maximum delay time is determined only by the disk array volume used (including those available via the net).

Forward T products comparison

In the process of data capture, the server allows previewing already recorded data to select the required fragments in order to further play them without interrupting the process of capturing and playing data.

The professional performance at a moderate price opens a wide range of possible applications in medium-sized studios as well as in large TV companies.

Forward TP2 is a similar product but still allowing to capture two data channels simultaneously in order to further rebroadcast them.

The Main Characteristic Features of the System

  • Simultaneously capturing, editing and broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Broadcasting video and audio data by the schedule.
  • Single-channel (Forward TP) or two-channel (Forward TP2) capture.
  • Storing the video and audio data up to several days (the maximum time is limited only by the disk array volume used):
    - The standard file system NTFS,
    - Hard disks of any configuration (from IDE to NAS).
  • Rearranging the schedule for subsequent rebroadcast.
  • Delaying the broadcast for an arbitrary time (from 10 seconds to several days).
  • Separate workplaces (capture, editing, preparing the broadcast schedule, the broadcast process proper). That is where Forward TP scores thanks to entire data compatibility in all the workplaces, easy integration into the networking via the standard solutions, complete interchangeability, etc.
  • Instant replays in the program broadcasts (sports, entertainment programs, etc.).
  • Remote control from another computer via the network (remote data capture, the captured data preview, and selecting fragments for rebroadcast).

Important: Within the Forward TP / TP2 products, the FDOnAir program has a limitation. When the FDPostPlay VideoIn program is running, the ability to switch between different video signal sources is unavailable in the FDOnAir program. Only the source selected in FDPostPlay VideoIn is available in FDOnAir as "passthrough video".
This limitation can be evaded if FDOnAir is used within the Forward TA product, and the PostPlay system - within a separate product Forward TP/TP2 "Capture Only" operated on a separate board (on the same computer or remote with the network access).

The Auto Detect plugin for automatically inserting commercials by the cue tone (DTMF, jingles), video fragments or using "23 line" technology is offered as an additional program option. All available plugins are shown in "Forward plugins" Section.

System Requirements for Forward TP / TP2

Operating System: Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2 (important: Windows 9x/ME are not supported)

Pentium IV - 3.2 Ghz (HT)
Core 2 Duo
1024 MB* 1 Gbps

 * Depends on the signal maximum delay time

The Software and Documentation

The same software package is provided for all the products of the "Forward T" product line. It is available in the "Download" Section. The Documenation is available in the "Documentation" Section.