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SoftLab-NSK - Technical Support

Learning section

Forward T

The Support for the products:

  Forward TT
  Forward TA
  Forward TP
  Forward TN
  Forward Plug-ins and Options
Forward Goalkeeper
The Support for the products:

   Forward Referee


Forward TS - ASI/IP Solutions

The Support for the products:

  Forward TS-IP
  Forward TS-ASI
  Forward TS transcoders
  Forward TS gateways
  Forward TS decoders
Forward Goalkeeper
The Support for the products:

   Forward Goalkeeper


The Support for the products:

  Focus Lite Virtual Studio
  Focus Virtual Studio

Hardware section

The SoftLab-NSK company pays special attention to the development of hardware used in own products.
The specifications of the hardware designed & produced by SoftLab-NSK are shown in this section:

FD842 board FD422 board FD322 board Hardware Options
FD300 board
(out of production)
SDI option to FD300 board
(out of production)

Contact Information

Please address your questions regarding our products to the following E-mail addresses:

E-mail: Destination
Forward Tx, Forward TS, Forward Goalkeeper, Forward Referee support
Focus Lite virtual studio, Focus virtual studio support

You may also visit our forums to interactively communicate with the developers and users on the issues relating to all SoftLab-NSK products.

Important: If for some reason you failed to register to our Forum (sometimes the activation email never arrives due to circumstances beyond our control, e.g. a third-party mail server may treat it as spam and filter it out), please contact us.