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  DDClip Free 2.23

Here you can download free version of DDClip 2.23. You may use it for free, distribute anywhere you wish (you must not alter original set of archived files).

Important: development of DDClip has been discontinued, we will never add new features to it nor fix bugs in it.

Please visit SoftLab-NSK website to see our actual products.


How to install DDClip Free 2.23

Important: you might not be able to install DDClip 2.23 on very large capacity hard disk drives. Please read notes at the end of this page for more details before downloading DDClip Free 2.23!

Download (HTTP)
Download (FTP)
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  1. Download installation archive using links in the table above. You can download it via both HTTP or FTP using appropriate links (right-click at appropriate link and choose "Save As" to choose destination folder where installation archive you want to download).
  2. Unzip downloaded archive to a temporary folder using WinZip or "pkunzip" from the command line.
  3. Double-click Setup icon or run "Setup.exe" from command line in this folder to install DDClip Free 2.23.
  4. Remove extracted setup files if you don't need them more.

After successful installation of DDClip Free 2.23 you can run it from its folder in the system "Start" menu.

DDClip Free 2.23 under Windows 2000/XP and later

There is a known problem with DDClip 2.23 setup program under Windows 2000/XP and so on.

You won't be able to install DDClip Free 2.23 under these systems to a logical drive on your hard disk (for example "C:", "D:" etc.) that is very large (typically with free space over 2 Gb) - you will get an error message "Invalid destination drive".
If you want to install and use DDClip Free 2.23 under Windows 2000/XP or later, you must install it to any other logical drive with less capacity and free space.

Development of DDClip Free 2.23 has been discontinued, so we won't fix this problem with its installer.

Copyright 1997 SoftLab-NSK