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Forward T - Video and Audio Input/Output, Nonlinear Editing

The universal system "Forward T" is distinguished with its multifunctionality. It is applied in various fields: nonlinear editing, preparing video, audio, and graphics materials. The professional performance at a moderate price opens a wide range of possible applications in medium-sized studios as well as in large TV companies.

Forward T products comparison

"Forward T" includes an I/O board FD322/FD422/FD842.

The Main Characteristic Features of the System

  • input/output of video in all standards: CVBS, Y/C, YUV, YUVS, RGB, RGBS, SDI (optionally).
  • Multiformatness supported by the codecs Video for Windows. The delivery set includes the following real-time codecs: DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50, M-JPEG, MPEG2 I-frame.
  • Optimized software for digitizing video and audio data:
    - input by the schedule;
    - controlling the videorecorder via RS422.
  • The DDClip program (Forward AV Studio) - a multitrack audio and video editor designed to edit video and audio data on line, soundtrack video clips, create audio projects, synchronize audio and video, music and voice.
  • The DDTitle program (FrwTitle) - allows quickly and effectively creating original titles via the style collections, quickly and effectively overlaying titles (text) on the existent image. Using the style collections and the program high-trigger reaction to your actions allow creating and editing image in real time.
  • Programs for creating title design included in the other products of the product line (in particular, Forward TT).
  • The Video for Windows driver and the DirectShow Capture Source module (installed optionally) for the standard video capture programs (e.g., VirtualDub and Windows Media Encoder).
  • The DirectShow Renderer module for playing video (e.g., via ZoomPlayer).

The additional plugins for Forward T are offered as program options. All available plugins are shown in "Forward plugins" Section.

System Requirements