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The FD422 Board

The FD422 board - Click here to enlargeThe FD422 board includes all functions of the FD322 board except a support of input and output analog signals. The FD422 board is designed for working with SDI and ASI signals. The FD422 board has 2 input ports and 2 output ports.

The FD422 board is plugged to the PCI-Express (any slot starting from x1 size).

The FD422 Board Specification

Bus PCI Express x1
2 x BNC SDI/ASI input
2 x BNC SDI/ASI output
Signal format SDI 10-bit (SMPTE 259M)
Internal video data processing 4:2:2 10-bit for input/output
4:2:2 8-bit for internal mixing
Supported video
  • HD:
    • 720p 50/59.94/60 (50/59.94/60 fps)
    • 1080i 50/59.94/60 (25/29,97/30 fps)
  • Embedded audio (SMPTE272M-A)
  • Genlock to any input
  • Synchronizing audio to the video signal
Supported OS Windows XP SP2/SP3 (32-bit), Window 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit)

ASI mode

Expanding of digital television requires a support of MPTS (Multi Program Transport Stream) and SPTS (Single Program Transport Stream). Standard I/O boards for digital television have to support both uncompressed digital streams (SDI input/output) and compressed digital streams (MPTS and SPTS via ASI).

The FD422 board works with both SDI and ASI signals. The ASI (SDI) mode is selected by the software settings. It is possible to use both ASI and SDI inputs and outputs:

  • to receive multiplex via ASI input,
  • to receive video signal from local studio via SDI input,
  • to substitute one of multiplex program by studio signal according to the schedule,
  • to display target program via SDI output,
  • to send changed multiplex via ASI output.

ASI mode
  • ASI (EN50083-9)
  • Bit-rate 0..213 Mbps

The FD422 board provides with a possibility to configure outputs for different applications arbitrarily. It is possible particularly to configure:

  • 2 same SDI outputs;
  • 2 independent SDI outputs necessary for multichannel systems creating;
  • Fill and Key signals for external mixing;
  • 1 SDI output and 1 ASI output for simultaneous output both uncompressed and compressed digital streams;
  • 2 ASI outputs for simultaneous transmitting of 2 independent transport streams.

It is necessary to decode and code again any video and audio of target program in compressed digital streams. The FD422 board does not have any embedded coder. It requires use of program coders and decoders in the "Forward TS" product line.