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All1Mix is a universal software set developed for creation and distribution of TV, educational, presentation, information and entertainment media content.

General information

All1Mix is used to organize live studio multi-camera production and record and/or live broadcasting for local TV channel, TV program or to develop multiple media content. This is a software solution for PC with a support of input/output boards produced by «SoftLab-NSK», BlackMagic Design, Yuan, etc.

All1Mix allows using both a real-time video and dynamic and static media content as a source of media data: files in different media formats, real-time 3D graphics and vector graphics, network sources, web pages, etc. All sources can be arranged randomly and mixed. The set provides with interactive control in a real-time during shooting and control via different scenario methods.

Integrated software set for TV studio

PC with its tools completed by corresponding peripherals, input/output cards and high-performance graphics accelerator designed by NVIDIA (minimum GeForce 780 4Gb and more, depending on task) are used as a hardware platform for All¹Mix software mixer. All¹Mix runs in MS Windows (at least 8.1 x64).

Functional specifications

  • arbitrary quantity of media sources (limited by PC power only);
  • professional processing of signals;
  • variety of formats (SD/HD/UHD, boards, files, network, NDI…);
  • control over PTZ cameras, virtual cameras, Free-d, presets;
  • extendable set of transitions and special effects;
  • operator interface with 16 preview slots and 8 graphics overlays;
  • hardware consoles and joysticks;
  • multilayer media, title and graphical compositions;
  • playlists with events processing;
  • remote dynamic data and web interface;
  • 3D virtual scenes (VR/AR, FBX upload) with editor of mode;
  • multichannel record (selective disable of overlay graphics) and network broadcasting;
  • multiview, 2 hardware outputs (in different formats, Fill+Key).


– product software updates are released regularly and are available during all period of product use without any additional pay;
get more information about product support policy and technical support.


For information on purchasing the product, please contact the «SoftLab-NSK Sales department» or to our dealers. Our experts will:

  • select required modification of the product;
  • provide you with recommendations about PC specifications for purchased product;
  • provide you with a link for uploading softwareе for testing All1Mix: fully functional test demo version (watermark) or limited free version (work in SD resolution).

Is there a demo version? What is a registration key and how long license is valid? What recommendations follow at selecting a video server? – see this information in the Before purchasing site section.

Instruction on installation and use

Instruction on installation.

User’s guide.