Technical Support

Contacts and work instructions


Products for complex broadcast automation and sport events:

 Phone/fax: +7 (383) 363-04-62 (MSK+4, UTC+7)

Products for virtual studios, distant education and presentations (interactive work with virtual and alternate reality):
Focus, AllMix, LeMix, VRPresenter

Phone: +7 913 013 9779 (MSK+4, UTC+7)



– technical support is performed without any additional payment during the whole period of product use;
our office is located in Novosibirsk, our time zone is MSK+4 (UTC+7). Please, consider a possible time difference if you are in another zone.

  1. The Technical support department provides all users of SoftLab-NSK products with­ a necessary support. It doesn’t depend on where, when and from whom the products were purchased.
  2. The Technical support department works from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM except some public holidays.
    Note that our office is located in Novosibirsk (MSK+4, UTC+7). Please, consider a possible time difference if you are in another zone when appealing.
  3. You should try to find necessary information out at company site first before appealing to the Support: notes in the FAQ, program guides for software products or forum sections. You may find your answer here.
  4. How to appeal to the Support:
    • by e-mail (preferable);
    • via forum;
    • via phone.
  1. Another ways of connecting, i.e. Skype and etc. are not acceptable. Information questioned via these channels is considered as not an official appeal and so is not registered in the Support system.
  2. Please, provide the Technical support department with the following information if it is necessary to consult quickly:
    • issue of a question;
    • a step-by-step description of operations that result to bug (if possible);
    • a version of installed software;
    • settings of programs from installed products set.
  1. We ensure you an operative answer to e-mailed questions trying to response appeals in 1–2 work days.
    Check your e-mail Spam folder if you didn’t get our feedback in a specified time period. Please, phone us in a case of emergency.
  2. Please, consider the fact that few cases require more time to solve them as some additional factors may occur, i.e.: extra time for user to clarify some items, necessity of arrangements and software update releases, etc.
  3. The SoftLab-NSK company provides no services in TV channel designing.
  4. Validity period of technical support for a purchased product is unlimited.
  5. Updates and new software versions for all the products are free and avaliable for download at our site.