Plugin APTO (Linear Acoustic)


The APTO (Linear Acoustic) plugin is designed to normalize sound in real time. The plug-in automatically normalizes the audio at the output of the video server in real time during the broadcast. One license provides normalization of one sound stereo channel.

Our clients successfully use the plugin on broadcast servers based on Forward products in order to automatically, without any pre-processing bring the output sound to -23 LUFS, which greatly simplifies the fulfillment of any sound level requirements. The plugin uses Linear Acoustic APTO adaptive algorithms. To enable normalization, simply set the target sound level in the settings or select one of the presets.


The APTO (Linear Acoustic) plugin is used in addition to Forward TA, Forward TP, Forward TM products based on FDExt boards (both physical and virtual). The plugin provides output audio signal normalization when broadcasting in real time without pre-processing.

Interface for configuring sound level normalization parameters using the APTO (Linear Acoustic) plugin.

As a reminder, in order to automatically equalize sound in files before playback, you can simply enable the SLAudioNormalizer function, which is included in the standard set of Forward TA and Forward TP products.

Please note:

– the plugin requires a 64-bit Windows operating system to be installed on the server;
– the APTO (Linear Acoustic) plugin works only with products based on FDExt boards. Not intended for products based on the FD300 board.


To purchase a product, please contact the Sales Department of SoftLab-NSK or our dealers. Our experts will help you learn more about:

  • the compatibility of the plugin with the product you’re using;
  • the characteristics, features, and price of the plugin;
  • setting up a free, 3 month trial license in order to test the plugin.