FAQ: FDOnAir settings

  1. Color of line with file in schedule table corresponds to color specified in settings of file page from which it is added. Pass to file page settings pane (the “Customize” button) to set color and work with elements of the “Schedule color” group.
  2. To save information about color at unload of schedule to file and to restore it at load (for *.airx files only): in FDOnAir3 settings window “Settings” on the “General” page, check the box “Save file colors when loading the schedule”.

Publication date: 09.08.2023

The FDOnAir3 program settings are stored in *.xml configuration files in folder: ~\SoftLab-NSK\Settings\FDOnAir3\xxx, where ~ is name of disk, xxx is name of folder according to index of program instance. Settings of FDOnAir3 #1 program instance are stored in folder named “1”, settings of instance #30 – in folder named “30”, etc.

Name of disk where SoftLab-NSK folder with settings and data is located is determined by installer during software installation.

To transfer FDOnAir3 program settings to another PC displace the *.xml configuration files from existing server to corresponding subfolders of the ~\SoftLab-NSK\Settings\FDOnAir3 folder on new server.

Publication date: 09.08.2023