FAQ: General issues

Attach a file with information about current settings and specifications of video server to request when appealing to Technical support.  Use the SLSaveInfo application from the ForwardT Software set to collect necessary data:

  1. Path to program file: ~\ForwardT Software\Tools\SaveInfo\SLSaveInfo.exe (where ~ is a full path to folder where ForwardT Software is installed).
  2. Run the application via Start menu: All programs > ForwardT Software > Tools > Save Info.
  3. Run the application via FDConfig2, FDOnAir or another program from software set in the “About program” window.

The SLSaveInfo application automatically collects and saves to HTML file the following information at user command:

  1. About boards and “SoftLab-NSK” software installed on PC:
    1. Software version.
    2. Applied registration keys.
    3. Types, serial numbers and settings of input and output boards.
    4. Settings of programs from product set.
  2. System:
    1. Types of motherboard and processor, RAM volume.
    2. Hard disks features: quantity, total volume, free volume.
    3. OS version.
    4. Processes that run in the system at time of collecting information.

Publication date: 22.06.2023

Ответы на вопросы про выбор базового продукта, демоверсии, про порядок оформления покупки, регистрационные ключи и сроки действия лицензий, аппаратные и системные требования к конфигурации сервера и т.п. приведены на специальной странице сайта “Перед покупкой”.

Publication date: 10.10.2023

Инструкции по первой установке продукта, обновлению ПО и инсталляторы находятся на странице “Инсталляторы”.

Publication date: 10.10.2023